Punta de Mita, the new luxury tourist destination in Nayarit

With the opening of a new luxury hotel with the all-inclusive modality, the area is positioned as one of the preferred destinations of Mexicans

The spectacular beaches of Nayarit always have as a hallmark the glamor and its warm waves that invite tourists to swim in the wide sea of ​​relaxation.

For this reason, investors have looked at this unique destination, since its emerald waters, as well as its luxurious complexes on a peninsula that extends at least 10 kilometers through virgin beaches and wildlife make a must-have paradise .

And not only that, since only last year Riviera Nayarit managed to sneak into one of the preferred destinations of Mexicans by exceeding 75% hotel occupancy.

So we are not surprised when five-star hotels arrive in the area to raise luxury and nature such as the Marival Armony.

With just over 30 years of experience in the tourist market, the imposing Luxury Resort & Suites hotel in Punta de Mita, converges with wildlife and marine life in one of the most exclusive points in the area.

A new concept of “ Harmony ” turned into a resort, which offers a unique fusion between nature and luxury on the best beach in the bay, with its characteristic “ Home Feeling ” that distinguishes the hotel chain.

During 2019, the Riviera increased its inventory of luxury suites facing the sea by adding the 80 luxury rooms that Marival offers in Punta de Mita.

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Finally, businessmen of the complex point out that the official opening of the grand hotel will be on September 1; On the other hand, the marketing director Eduardo Soto , pointed out to El Heraldo de México that for its opening the hotel is at its maximum capacity.

Equipped with 5 restaurants and multiple pools, the new tourist enclosure promises to be the new attraction of the place.

A little history

The area began to have an important boom in tourism when the then Canadian Senator Pietro Rizzuto , raised a hotel complex in the area during the 80s.

Rizzuto is considered a pioneer after the millionaire investment in the beaches of Nayarit, right in the same building where the Jack Tarr hotel chain was located, which was later replaced by the Marival chain.

Its all-inclusive vision, the date is still a difficult standard to overcome, even, the Marival chain is the only one that has such services and that for tourists has to be often convenient.

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