Jalisco, the only Mexican state in the list of “The 28 main destinations for 2020”

This recognition highlights the tourist importance of the State and places it once again as an international destination

Thanks to its wide cultural offer, beautiful Magical Towns, crafts, gastronomy and sun and beach destinations, the State of Jalisco was selected as one of “ The 28 main destinations for 2020 ” by Travel Squire, a site edited by travel specialists .

This is the first time that Jalisco or any of its destinations is considered in this ranking, in addition to being the only tourist area in Mexico included in the 2020 list, where it shares reflectors with Oregon in the United States, Machu Picchu and Cusco in Peru , Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, Georgia in Asia, Botswana in Africa and Nova Scotia in Canada.

This achievement is the result of the tourism promotion of the Ministry of Tourism of Jalisco , in which its owner made three work tours in the United States in 2019 to position the state with interviews and presentations with publishing houses of the main media, strengthen ties in meetings with 45 journalists, as well as trainings for travel agents and tour operators.

“ It is an honor for Jalisco to be part of this important list because it means that it will be one of the destinations that will be fashionable in 2020 because we have a lot to offer to those who visit us. We have a wide and inclusive cultural offer that goes from artistic and sporting events in Guadalajara, our Magical Towns, crafts, gastronomy, charrería, natural spaces such as the Agave Landscape, and sun and beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Costalegre ” , said the Secretary of Tourism of the state, Germán Ralis Cumplido.

“ Closing the year with news like this encourages us to continue working and positioning our tourism brands, our destinations, an effort in which we put Jalisco’s name high in every corner of the world, and which ultimately translates into development and economic growth of our communities, ” added the state official.

As for the review of the state, it is mentioned: “ Jalisco brings us mariachis and tequila, – what else could we ask for from this precious region of Mexico? At its western end, the popular 12-block Malecon in Puerto Vallarta offers beautiful views of the blue waters of Banderas Bay, which opens into the Pacific Ocean. Awarded with the designation of Cultural Heritage of the State of Jalisco, the cobbled streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, colorful murals and cultural events delight locals and tourists. ”

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