How the tours and travel sectors have to adjust amidst the pandemic

Covid19 pandemic has hit almost every business around the world. Businesses in the travel and tourism industries have been some of those that are hit the most due to measures that have highly restricted movement of people. These two industries are expected to get back fully in business after the vaccine for the virus has been discovered. However, this is likely to take 12 to 18 months from now. This leaves us with only one alternative which is learning how to live with the disease as we wait for the vaccine
As a transportation company, we at Let’s go Mexico have made a couple of adjustments to continue serving our customers but also ensuring they are safe while using our services. All the adjustments we are coming up with are in line with the guidelines issued by the government and the World Health Organization. Some of the adjustments we have made include the following;
• Reducing the number of people per car. One of the measured to reduce covid19 spread used by almost any country is social distancing which means keeping a reasonable distance from one another. This reduces the chances of getting infected in case the person you are close to has the virus. So, we shall now be carrying almost half the number of people that we used to carry before the pandemic. Our SUVs that used to carry about 6 people will now be carrying 3 or 4 people. The vans that used to carry 10 people per trip will now be carrying 5 or 6 people. Shortly when the number of travelers increases, we plan to add more vehicles to meet the demand of our customers
• Ensuring all out stuff and customers wear masks. During every trip, all our drivers and guides will be wearing masks which is one of the recommended measures to reduce the spread of the virus. We have given all our workers the recommended masks that they can use on and off duty for as long they are in public. We also encourage all our customers to always come along with their masks.
• Spraying the cars after every trip. After every trip, we shall spray both the inside and outside of our cars to eliminate the spread of the virus in case one of the persons in the previous trips had it. So, all our customers should not worry about getting infected by someone who was on previous trips. The sprays we intend to use are those that are recommended by the government and the world health organization.
• Minimizing body contact during trips. We have also advised our stuff to minimize any form of body contact with our clients. So, things like hugging, kissing, shaking hands, etc. will be on hold for the meantime as we try to eliminate any possible spread of the virus through those behaviors. We also encourage our customers to use cashless methods to pay for our services. This is because hard cash has been one of the major ways this virus has been spreading in the world.
• Prioritizing vans. We also intend to use vans more often than SUVs. This is because vans are more spacious inside than the SUVs. This makes it easier for our customers to keep a distance from one another. We also encourage our customers to order mainly vans if they are more than 4 in number. Our prices for the trips will also be slightly subsidized and will be based on the number of people in the vehicle
Final thoughts
We are all trying to adopt the new norms that we haven’t been used to. Some of the measures may be a bit difficult but we should always try as much as we can to ensure we follow them if we are to fight this disease. We at let’s go Mexico, are committed to giving you the best services at the minimum possible price without compromising quality. In all we shall be doing, the safety of our customers will always come first because that’s what matter most
Most of these changes are not going to be permanent. They are just temporary measures we are using to deal with the disease. Once it is out of our society, we shall get back to our normal lives again. So, worry not because coronavirus is not here to stay. Soon it will only be talked about in the history books.

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