Have an unforgettable trip to Mexico with let’s go Mexico

According to studies, there were over 45 million people that visited Mexico in 2019. If it wasn’t for the covid19 pandemic that has disrupted the movement of planes across the world, this number would have gone further up this year (2020). Many people across the globe love to visit Mexico for various reasons. Some come to do business, some to visit the many beautiful places in the country, some come to have fun at the beaches, and so many other reasons.

Whatever reason you may have for visiting Mexico, you will always be welcome to this lovely country. Whenever someone visits a new country, the first impression is always got at the airport. The way someone is welcomed into the country is key to how comfortable they will be while in that country. Those who do not have people they know in the country to pick them up at the airport normally get a little confused about the next step once they get to the airport.

This is where we come in as Let’s go Mexico. Our objective is to make you get as comfortable as possible when you get to Mexico by giving you the best transportation and touring services. Our agents will always pick you from the airport to any destination within Puerto Vallarta or Punta de Mita and other neighboring towns. 

About us and our services

Let’s go Mexico is a company that offers airport transportation services for visitors from across the various parts of the world. As I have earlier shared with you, the main objective of let’s go Mexico is to give you an unforgettable trip when you get to Mexico. We use comfortable cars and professional drivers that will get you to your desired destination safely.

Besides welcoming visitors from the airport, we also help our visitors reach some of their favorite destinations in Mexico. So, if you want to visit the cool beaches in Mexico, the mountains, and other destinations of your choice, our tour guides will always be there to help you through the whole process. 

And even if you come when you are clueless about where to go, we have plenty of suggestions for you as long as you let us know of your interests and things that enjoy doing. Our tour guides can always give you suggestions for the ideal places that suite your interests. 

Our pricing

We have some of the most competitive prices in the market. Our transportation packages start from as low as $20 USD down payment. The prices depend on the distance you intend to travel, the number of days you hire us to transport you and the size of the car you need. The minimum period you can use our services is 4 hours. To get a detailed quote of our pricing, you can contact us and we give you the detailed pricing and the services you will get.

Here is a summary of the rough estimates of our prices for touring.

  • A 6-hour trip to the beach in an SUV car (up to 6 people) is between $280 to $320 depending on the beach you choose to visit
  • A 6-hour trip to the beach in a bigger Van (up to 10 people) is between $320 to $420 depending on the beach you choose to visit
  • A 10- hour tour to the mountains in an SUV car (up to 6 people) is between $380 to $600 depending on the mountain you choose to visit.
  • A 10-hour tour to the mountain in a Van (up to 10 people) is between $480 to $700

Once you pay for any of the above packages, you will be given Transportation, bilingual guide, waters, and some snacks to eat.

Final thoughts

The next time you think of visiting Mexico, let’s go Mexico should be your ideal choice for transportation and touring within Mexico. All our guides are professional and they treat all our clients with respect and professionalism. Once a client has trusted us to help them tour Mexico, we make sure we give them our best. Our motherland Mexico is at our heart and every time we go out there to deal with a client, we do it like we are representing Mexico.

For those planning to come to Mexico after this covid19 pandemic, you can always contact and book in advance to avoid the last-minute hustle when you get to the airport. While contacting us, we shall need to know the dates you intend to come and also the number of days you would like to use our services so that we plan for your trip ahead of time. 

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